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Once the Kraken is unleashed, Louis Leterrier’s retrofitted 3-D remake of the campy myth classic of the early 1980s is supposed to scale the mystical heights of glory and make us believe there’s something out there that even the gods fear.

The Kraken, as we’re told during the introductory voiceover, was the spawn of Hades, a creature formed and used by Zeus to defeat the Titans, the parents of gods. Such a monstrous creation must certainly make the hearts of the gods tremble, right, especially in three dimensions?

Yet it’s Sam Worthington as the demigod Perseus who generates epic dread when he sucks the life out of nearly every scene in which he appears.

I initially wanted to be intrigued and beguiled by him in his featured turn in Terminator Salvation as the prototype for the Terminators to come.

Worthington was hyped as the new incarnation of Russell Crowe, and I gulped the full glass of the Kool-Aid that came with the James Cameron seal of approval (Avatar was on the horizon too, which didn’t hurt). But then Avatar arrived, and while the film was a dazzling technical marvel, Worthington came alive only in his Na’vi state, and just barely.

Now I wonder what it is that we see, because he isn’t an Everyman, the image of ourselves that we want to see in those heroic moments. He’s an abyss, and it’s only when I stare at him in Clash of the Titans that I understand the fear the Kraken was supposed to inspire. Grade: D-