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The premise of Andy Tennant’s latest — a former cop turned bounty hunter (Gerard Butler) gets the chance to bust his ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston) but gets caught up in a twisty mystery that leads the couple to reconsider their relationship — must have sounded foolproof to studio executives hanging out in a hot tub time machine set for the 1980s (sounds just a bit too familiar, doesn’t it?). Think The War of the Roses meets 48 Hours. But you’ll also need to forgive the glaring lack of humor, black and biting in the case of Devito’s Roses or comic mania from a live wire like Eddie Murphy (or even the grizzled brilliance of Nick Nolte).

Butler and Aniston lack the chops and charisma of any of the aforementioned players to make audiences want to go on the trail with them. Butler needs to stick to his more action-oriented bread and butter, and Aniston is nothing more than a tabloid punch line. This lazy action-oriented romantic comedy can’t quite seem to make up its mind what it wants to be, and its leads aren’t exactly suited to carry such an unpackaged burden. Grade: D