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Where is the Rawson Marshall Thurber who directed “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” or “We’re the Millers,” because that guy had more on his mind than trying to top one impossible scenario after another like he is in “Skyscraper.” It could be argued that he might feel trapped, to a certain extent, by working with Dwayne Johnson, but he did a somewhat admirable job of partnering with him (Kevin Hart) for far more comedic “Central Intelligence.” This time though, it is obvious that the laughs were forced to take a backseat to “Die Hard” topping set pieces, with Johnson as the retro action hero. The thrill we once had for the Stallone/Schwarzenegger/Willis days is gone, hopefully for good. Maybe it will go down in flames with this empty “Skyscraper,” which wasted the goofball charm in Johnson’s chiseled mug.