THE 15:17 TO PARIS [PG-13] B-

Back in 1950, Jackie Robinson portrayed himself in the Alfred E. Green biography “The Jackie Robinson Story” and over 25 years later, in 1977, Muhammad Ali starred in “The Greatest” largely because no one, at that time would have dared to walk in his legendary shoes. In a much closer approximation of a harrowing real-life dramatization, the National Air Traffic Command Center’s Ben Sliney relived the tragedy of 9/11 in the Paul Greengrass film “United 93.” Clint Eastwood, in his curiously muted take on a terrorist attack on a commuter train in France, enlists the three American heroes (Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos, and Spencer Stone) to play themselves in a reenactment of the event, while adding the support of Judy Greer and Jenna Fischer as the parents of two of the three men, during early childhood incidents that capture the inevitable sense of duty, which inspired them to stand up in the moment of crisis. The endearing awkwardness of the casting pays off when the lifelong friends are pressed into service.