The Spierig Brothers, Michael and Peter, have crafted a few otherworldly sci-fi thrillers (“Daybreakers” & “Predestination”) as well as the sequel/reboot “Jigsaw,” which sought to rejuvenate the “Saw” franchise. With “Winchester,” it seems like they might have been aiming at a slightly narrower target, truly zeroing in on a ghost story with a conscience. Helen Mirren stars as the heiress of the noted firearms company who has constructed an elaborate mansion to contain the departed spirits of those killed by her company’s product. Embedded in this premise is a savvy idea with a strong contemporary angle, but, in pursuit of the kind of spooky chills we’ve come to expect from franchises like “The Conjuring” and Insidious,” the Spierigs neglected to focus on the compelling personal horrors of gun violence. The movie has a few pop shots, although, in the end, it winds up shooting blanks.