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Guy Ritchie’s recent “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” practiced a wholesale flouting of mythology for no apparent reason, in a reimaging that could have been clever and timely (or at least engaging if Ritchie had brought more of his signature flair to the mix). “The Mummy,” purported to be the first installment of a “Dark Universe” of Universal’s monsters updated to the modern age, looks like little more than an expensive mess of CGI. And now, not surprisingly, Michael Bay returns with yet another iteration of his “Transformers” franchise, a car crash of spectacular dimensions with metal shifting and flying across the screen willy nilly with no sense or notion of authenticity. Trust me, there is far less than meets the eye here. Like “Legend of the Sword,” this outing toys around with Arthurian lore for no reason, leaving audiences to wonder, where or where Shia LaBeouf is, since he gave these movies what fleeting approximation of a soul that they had before he wisely shuffled off-screen.