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As a sequel to “Prometheus,” the new Ridley Scott sci-fi action adventure “Alien: Covenant” toys with the idea of exploring not only the ongoing origins of the xenomorphs, but humanity and sets up parallels with the relationship we might have with our makers and how evolving artificial intelligence – in the form of androids like David (from “Prometheus”) and Walter (the robotic assistant on the “Covenant” colony ship). Michael Fassbender plays both androids and steals the show in carefully nuanced scenes where he gets the chance to develop fully-realized and individualized characters, but Scott makes the same fatal mistake here as he did in “Prometheus,” succumbing to the need to inject monstrous horror and body-eruptions that we’ve seen far too many times now. There’s no shock value anymore, and with all of the effort placed into the backstory, there’s no mystery or intrigue as this prequel series supposedly move closer to the “Alien” introduction. I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s the point of the whole exercise, despite its dazzling visual style and composition.