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The genius of movies like “Unforgettable” lies in an awareness and embrace of the inherent trashiness of the premise. You have to surrender to the gloriously soapy excesses of pitting characters against one another in situations that regular folks in the cheap seats can laugh at out loud without shame or remorse. It’s too bad that producer extraordinaire Denise Di Novi (known for her partnership with Tim Burton among others) seems to have forgotten that as she stepped behind the camera for her feature debut. This outing was supposed to pit an icy Katherine Heigl against a jaded but lovely Rosario Dawson in a fight to seize control over a nice guy husband (Geoff Shults) and his young daughter, but the movie never seems willing to wallow in the mud, like those old “Dynasty” episodes from back in the day or films like “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” or “Obsessed.” In the end, “Unforgettable” is sadly, despite all the tagline and the intentions of all involved, not the kind of batshit crazy tale worth remembering.