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Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones in ‘Collide’


To call “Collide,” the new movie from director Eran Creevy (“Welcome to the Punch”) a “genre exercise” is a disservice to the definition of either of those words. There is an overall laziness and mindlessness to the premise and the rendering of the final product that separates the end result from the notion of genre or even escapist execution. Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones barely assume the roles of Americans drifting through life in Europe who bump into each other haphazardly, in order to trigger a series of action set-pieces involving cars, guns, and hammy overacting from Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley. It would be difficult to argue that any of these players even phoned in their performances. The effort here is more in line with a tweet that doesn’t take advantage of the full 140-characters available.