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Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick in ‘The Accountant’


Going into the screening of “The Accountant,” the new movie from Gavin O’Connor (“Warrior”), I couldn’t help being influenced by the trailer, which featured the frenzied action and the stoic dead-eyed stare of star Ben Affleck. The marketing team wanted to draw parallels to Affleck’s cold and calculating take on Batman, today’s version of an iconic Clint Eastwood figure minus the sneer, but the movie, largely due to O’Connor, attempts to delve deeper, to look past the action set pieces at the character, a genius-level savant struggling to connect with someone, anyone in the world. If only we could have spent more time with Affleck, beyond the numbers and the guns, getting truly acquainted with the gradual movement he makes towards finding the humanity in this emotionally isolated man-child. But there’s no accounting for the tastes of those eager to watch yet another endless series of kill shots and brutally efficient takedowns that’s starting to feel like an attack of the clones on repeat.