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Going in with lowered expectations meant that I thoroughly enjoyed the latest feature from screenwriter Nicholas Stoller (“Get Him to the Greek”) and his co-director Doug Sweetland (the short “Presto”), although largely because I mistakenly was assuming that “Storks” might try to compete with the raunchy and outrageous hijinks of “Sausage Party.” Instead, this animated feature sticks to the family friendly mode, with Junior (Andy Samberg) slaving away as a stork content to be in the package delivery market rather than the baby game of the past. In fact, Junior is next in line to take over, until an accidental baby order arrives, forcing him to team up with Tulip (Katie Crown), a failed baby delivery from back in the day, to rectify the situation. Of course, in the midst of the usual misadventures, Junior and Tulip bond, calling into question the idea of whether or not storks should have ever stopped delivering babies. There is nothing revolutionary in the story or its execution, but it does remind viewers that sometimes animated movies don’t need to be more than a setting for family friendly bonding.