Thirty years ago, the locus of the fantastic and the supernatural was the Bermuda Triangle. Of course, this was long before the franchisement of the paranormal – we were locked in the stone ages of the slasher – but the idea of The Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees, a remote 35-square kilometer forest located at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, which has earned the reputation as a common suicide site, but is also associated with dark mystical forces from Japanese mythology, makes it the perfect nightmarish dreamscape. Jason Zada (writer-director of the award-winning experimental short film “Take This Lollipop”) ups the ante by focusing on a set of emotionally dependent twins, played by Natalie Dormer; sending the psychologically fragile one to disappear into the forest, thereby drawing the more stable sister to the rescue. The interpersonal dynamic are far more compelling than the barely-defined rules of supernatural engagement that are barely introduced before they are ignored. Zada and his team of screenwriters don’t seem to understand that you need to spend time setting the stage in order to create suspense.