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Lifelong best friends Milly (Toni Collette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore) have been co-stars in a long-running saga — The Milly Affair — which has been a Sex and the City-inspired account of Milly’s life as seen via Jess as the glorified hanger-on dragged into every frame. Jess narrates the overall story that is Miss You Already from director Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen and Twilight), but honestly, she’s barely more than a supporting player in the show because Milly can’t quite seem to share the spotlight.

I was never a Carrie Bradshaw cheerleader. To my mind, she was an abhorrent narcissist and the worst best friend ever with the depth of a teaspoon, and Milly’s got about a drip-drop more substance to her. When the going gets rough — she’s diagnosed with cancer — all Milly can and will do is remind everyone within earshot that she’s got cancer. As much as I disliked Miss You Already, I have to admit that I was rather taken with Barrymore’s performance as Jess. She wasn’t playing second fiddle to Collette (who clearly relished being the diva here — a real departure for her, since she is generally occupies the second-chair in these kinds of projects). Instead, Barrymore simply lived quietly in each moment, absorbing the onslaught, being the friend, the enabler, the long-suffering sidekick, waiting for her chance to be recognized by her “friend.” (PG-13) Grade: D+