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Thanks to reality television, we have an appreciation for the celebrity chef as a troubled genius diva, which is exactly what director John Wells (August: Osage County) and screenwriter Steven Knight (The Hundred-Foot Journey) working from a story by Michael Kalesniko, give us in Burnt. Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) has wasted his talent binging on drugs and the power of his position, but decides it is time to live up to his potential and heads off to London in search of an elusive three-Michelin-star rating. We see numerous examples of Jones as an arrogant jerk, and Wells darts around the kitchen – dazzling us with enough glimpses of foodie porn to cue us into his culinary skills — but it seems, sadly, that the real darkness is locked away in Jones’ past. The final presentation is quite clean and well composed, but lacking in passion to stimulate our narrative palates. (R) Grade: C+