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Certain historic moments inveigle their way into our personal memories, demanding that we remember where we were as these situations were unfolding.

The Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas scandal from 1991 is one such event for me. As a still-unemployed recent college graduate with a penchant for politics, the high drama of the Senate hearings investigating Hill’s allegations of sexual harassment at the hands of a Supreme Court nominee while he was her boss likely served as a trigger for today’s reality television hysteria, but I couldn’t understand why we were so focused on the salacious aspects of the case and not the larger questions of what the situation said about the concerns of women in the workplace. Hill ended up on trial, Thomas slipped free of the noose of his “high tech lynching” and American justice maintained its willful blindness. What documentary writer-director Freida Lee Mock presents in Anita is a fitting conclusion for Hill, which offers her a hard-won happy ending at long last. (NR) Grade: A