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Nicole Holofcener’s latest film, Enough Said, arrives burdened with the sad realization that it features one of the final recorded performances of James Gandolfini, but what we would be wise to focus on is the cause for celebration contained in that performance. Enough Said is the story of Eva (Emmy Award winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus), a divorced freelance massage therapist who, while stepping out of her quiet comfort zone, meets two people at a party.

Albert (Gandolfini), a hulking slob who is not exactly her type, slowly sneaks past her defenses, in part because each of them is struggling over the impending departure of their daughters for college. Marianne (Catherine Keener) is a holistically driven poet who becomes a new client. She seemingly has it all together and inspires Eva to seek something better for herself. Unfortunately, Albert and Marianne are exes, which forces Eva to question her judgment and her growing fondness for Albert. Holofcener has tapped a ripe dramatic vein here, one that works less because of the inherent humor in the mix, but more due to the quiet and unassuming work of her actors, led in no small part by Gandolfini. (PG-13) Grade: A