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Paul Weitz sure has an interestingly off-kilter approach to material. Having kicked his directing career off with outrageous teen comedy (American Pie), he’s bounced around from more adult fare (About a Boy) to the lightly freakish misfire of Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, but through it all, there’s always a sense of Weitz as a guy who walks with the outcasts.

Admission ropes that sensibility closer to the mainstream with Tina Fey as a Princeton admissions officer eager to take over the program, but she ends up supporting a risky underdog (Nat Wolff) from an alternative school who might be the child she gave up for adoption when she was in college. The alternative school principal (Paul Rudd) just happens to be a college classmate who knew about the adoption. Admission expects us to ignore massive narrative coincidence and give us little more than rom-com conventions spiced up with smart-enough effort from Fey and Rudd. Let the film in at your own risk. (PG-13) Grade: C+