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School of Creative and Performing Arts graduate Todd Louiso (Love Liza) helms this indie drama about Amy (Melanie Lynsky), a recently divorced woman who moves back home with her parents just as her father prepares to seal a business deal that could set them on course for retirement and a trip around the world. Amy’s depressed presence threatens the situation, which gets even more tenuous when she embarks on a reckless affair with Jeremy (Christopher Abbott), the much-younger son of her father’s potential business ally.

Amy struggles to keep up appearances, to not embarrass herself or her parents, but her relationship with Jeremy awakens her to the life that she has allowed to slip away. Louiso’s film doesn’t break new ground, but it reveals the strong foundation that family life provides for new (and still surprisingly rewarding) beginnings and Lynsky, largely seen as a character actress/wallflower, emerges as a fully conceived leading lady. (R) Grade: B