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Scott Charles Stewart (Legion) re-teams with Paul Bettany in this adaptation of Min-Woo Hyung’s graphic novel series, which seems to have tried to transform Underworld into a religious adventure with Matrix-styled visual effects. The titular holy warrior (Bettany) goes rogue when vampires kidnap someone close to him and the Church, under the leadership of a tyrannical figurehead (Christopher Plummer), refuses to believe that evil, in the form of a new breed of vampire-human/priest hybrid (Karl Urban), is on the way, but the film won’t find redemption in its sinfully ham-fisted appropriation of nearly every post-apocalyptic action sequence under the sun.

It is mildly intriguing, though, to wonder what it is about religious warriors that has fascinated Bettany so much.

He needs to atone for subjecting audiences to these graceless affairs, completely lacking in heart or soul and return to the path of indie transcendence, while the only absolution for viewers comes from avoiding this Priest. Grade: F