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As an escapee from hell on a vengeance-seeking mission to save his kidnapped granddaughter, Nicolas Cage appears to have chosen this violent campfest as a bridge between Ghost Rider and its unnecessary sequel, but Drive Angry 3D director Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine) ends up unleashing three dimensions of hellish boredom on Earth.

For every pulpy B-movie full-splatter kill shot, there are long stretches where either nothing at all happens or audiences are subjected to senseless dialogue that fails to maintain what could have been a gloriously cheesy vibe. The only bright spot is the presence of William Fichtner as The Accountant, the Devil’s ultra-professional hellhound on the trail of Cage’s escapee. Fichtner plays his character as part-FBI agent, part-Terminator with an arid wit and we should be thankful that someone onscreen actually decided to even pretend to act.

Cage has obviously given up the good fight; content to now wander from one wannabe high-octane sequence to another (and from one angry assault on film to the next). It’s hard to remain angry when every single moment of the story drives towards an inevitable anticlimax. Grade: F