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The plot of this live-action adaptation of the simplistic animated classic about the famous talking bear on the hunt for picnic baskets in Jellystone Park certainly feels like an episode of the show, complete with Yogi (voiced by Dan Aykroyd who is in no way attempting to imitate the original voice) and Boo Boo (Justin Timberlake) tripping over themselves and Ranger Smith (Tom Cavanagh).

A documentary filmmaker (Anna Faris) who knows all about the talking bears arrives to shoot reality-styled footage of the pair just as a greedy politician (Andrew Daly) and his henchman (Nathan Corddry) hatch a plan to sell the logging rights to cover deficits.

Of course, Yogi is going to screw things up royally for the park and Ranger Smith, just before setting things right. There’s an infantile mindlessness at the heart of this CGI-based misadventure that makes SpongeBob SquarePants and The Suite Life on Deck look downright Inception-esque. Grade: D