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Alice (Milla Jovovich) returns once again to battle the insane viral infection that has transformed most of the human race into undead creatures, but this time she’s bringing friends, including a battalion of butt-kicking clones, tough sidekick Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) and newbee warriors Luther West (Boris Kodjoe), Angel Ortiz (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and the mysterious Chris (Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller channeling the love child of Adrien Brody and Jason Statham).

This installment of the video-game adaptations, arriving in 3D, also marks the reappearance of writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson seeking an afterlife of his own following his Alien vs Predator and Death Race detour through the movie underworld.

Afterlife pays homage to its gaming roots with lots of flashy perspective tricks and frozen action tableaus, but these gimmicks have been done to death and honestly they looked much fresher when the Wachowskis cooked up the engaging Matrix story to match with the aesthetics. This feels like zombiefied life after death, and I for one wish the genre would just stay dead. Grade: D