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Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin), the hero of this DC comic book adaptation, is a dark and wounded Civil War soldier turned bounty hunter with supernatural inclinations — having survived a way-too-near-death experience thanks to the assistance of Native American shaman not unlike a combination of Brolin’s character from No Country For Old Men and Javier Bardem’s death dealer from that film. It’s too bad that there’s far more in the mere idea of such a fusion of characters than in this entire boring ride to hell, which unspools as if it had nary a devilish idea in its head other than to get to the end of its run with an explosion or two and a glance at a few re-animated dead bodies.

Death certainly isn’t very proud, and neither, it seems, is anyone else here.

This Hex lacks a dark unifying vision to set it apart, and while some might spot a passing resemblance to the Will Smith flop Wild Wild West, I would argue that at least that movie attempted to poke fun at itself and its stupendous anachronisms. Even the quips here, mainly from the dour Brolin and an oddly sexless Megan Fox, sound like everyone involved was uncertain whether they were supposed to be attempts at wit or taken seriously and the default rendered everything DOA.

This movie isn’t a hex. It’s the worst kind of curse ever imagined, one quickly ignored and forgotten. Grade: D