Silliness abounds in this clash of cultures as a pair of blandly-in-love overachievers (America Ferrera and Lance Gross) seek to start off their marriage with a big family wedding that can’t seem to blend African-American and Mexican-American traditions.

Carlos Mencia and Forrest Whitaker play the doddering dads at odds in this knock-off of Guess Who (a piss-poor retread of the piously liberal agenda-setting Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner), but halfway through viewers might wonder where the real story is amid all the hijinks.

Is the movie about the soon-to-be marrieds or their parents’ love lives or the cultural differences or the question of why Whitaker can’t find some other project worthy of his time and talents?

It should be pointed out that no one involved in this production seems fated for true bliss as the film stumbles down the aisle. Perhaps saddest of all, one might be forced to wonder if director Rick Famuyiwa, whose Brown Sugar perfectly balanced the bitter and the sweet, will ever get the chance to make another concoction for a studio or on the independent front after Our Family Wedding splits unceremoniously from theaters. Grade: D-