The angel Michael (Paul Bettany) defies an order from God and comes to the defense of humanity as the rest of the angels prepares to make Earth a vacation getaway. Following a bit too closely on the heels of the Hughes brothers’ The Book of Eli, this potential franchise smacks of The Prophecy in that it has nothing substantive to say about faith, hope or humanity (or the trendy fascination with the post-apocalyptic landscape).

Legion is all about the CGI smack-downs and vague Terminator-styled heroics, which makes it a head-scratching choice for Bettany, whose clever yet theatrical performances, even in less prestigious work like A Knight’s Tale and Firewall, never feel like such a naked box-office money grab.

I suppose Legion serves some purpose in terms of positioning, since it is certainly the opposite end of the spectrum from his recent appearances in The Young Victoria and Creation.

If he truly wants to crack into the action-oriented realm, he should find a guardian angel like Ridley Scott or James Cameron to lead his charge. Grade: D