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The next generation of the Wayans family storm the gates of Hollywood in this urban interracial romance dance spoof from the fountain of Wayans’ pens (it took Keenan Ivory, Shawn, Marlon, Craig and Damien to spray enough inches to produce this lame move … I mean movie).

A big family reunion obviously took place on set, but someone certainly forgot to bring a fresh supply of jokes. (As part of any hazing rite, the oldheads will blame the newbies.) I’m sure nephew Damien has the helm and his cousin Damon Jr. takes the lead as Thomas Uncles who along with Megan White (Shoshana Bush) form the “oh-no-they-didn’t” couple at the center of this spoof that attempts to remix elements of Step Up 2 the Streets, Hairspray, Save the Last Dance and Twilight (you’re right, that’s not a dance flick, but it provides the final coffin nail in this dead mess).

Comedy, like any good rhythm nation, requires timing, which means that Keenan, Kim and Damon Sr. need to school these young suckas on the nimble art of staying on the good foot, while maybe the new Wayans kids could explain to the older generation that movies like Step Up 2 the Streets are already lame jokes, so there’s nothing funny about picking on them. (tt stern-enzi) Grade: D-