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It seems that the teen sex comedy is experiencing a resurgence of sorts at the box office. Post-American Pie, teen guys are discovering the joys of not just T&A but also a degree of depravity that might honestly be more disgusting than the audience is willing to admit. Back in the day, it was all about getting laid and the pathetic misadventures encompassed in that pursuit. Now the sex is the mere precursor on a road trip to a torturous destination replete with deformed genitalia, explosive bowels and violent revenge fantasies straight out of Hip Hop prison raps.

Which leads to Miss March, the latest teen-sex score from the creators of The Whitest Kids U Know. Writers, directors and co-stars Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore give us the story of Eugene (Cregger), a rather pious virgin coaxed into having sex with his high-school sweetheart Cindi (Raquel Alessi) on prom night. But before consummation he falls into a coma and is revived by his horn-dog best friend Tucker (Moore) four years later as the two hapless fools chase after Cindi, who is now a Playboy Bunny.

Eugene and Tucker get help on their journey from a hometown rapper named Horsedick.MPEG (Craig Robinson), and nothing is missing from this long perplexing march towards the gutter. There are raunchy laughs, to be sure, but many come between the quite literal gag reflex that the shocking scenarios present.

Sex used to be played for embarrassment, but these guys aim for something baser, and it’s not exactly a compliment to say that they succeed. (tt stern-enzi) Grade: D