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Mystery of the Nile (currently playing the Cincinnati Museum Center’s OMNIMAX Theater) documents the first complete journey along Africa’s Blue Nile and Nile rivers, covering more than 3,000 miles.

Dangers include harsh rapids and mountain bandits who strike like pirates. Team leader Pasquale Scaturro was no stranger to the nightmares involved with a trek like this, but in a recent interview he discussed the Herculean efforts of the behind-the-scenes crew that captured this incredible footage of the expedition along the Nile.

“Most people don’t realize, but this lasted six months,” Scaturro said, during a recent appearance at the Museum Center. “We took 35 people, film people, grips, directors, producers and sound people, everybody and 7 tons of equipment and flew to Ethiopia. And in six to seven weeks, we filmed all the great shots, the pyramids, the Sphinx. … At the end of seven weeks, everyone (with the main crew) left. We went to the source of the Blue Nile and dropped the boats in. We ran down the entire Blue Nile, and filmed those scenes entirely by ourselves with one camera and nobody else — no film crew, no support, just us (the six-person team) and six helpers.” (tt clinkscales)